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Delonghi Magnifica Start (ECAM22xx, FEB22xx)

New Entry-Level Espresso Machines by Delonghi. Magnifica Start Review: ECAM 220.21, 220.22, 220.30, 220.31 etc

Delonghi Magnifica Start is, as the name suggests, the new entry level automatic bean-to-cup espresso machine by Delonghi. New models are in stock since October-November 2022, so it might take some time to arrive to your local distributor. Please also check my video review on this machine at YouTube. In fact, Magnifica Start is a name for a whole range of slightly different models։ ECAM220.21, […]

Author: Dmitriy


Brand: Delonghi

Saeco HD8927/47 PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine2

Saeco PicoBaristo Review. HD8924 vs H8927 vs Incanto vs Minuto

It’s not a coincidence that Saeco PicoBaristo super-automatic espresso machine looks very similar to good old Saeco Minuto, which currently is not sold in America (only used models are available on Amazon), but which used to be one of the Saeco’s best sellers a few years ago. Both models share the same platform and compact dimensions. The difference lays in electronics and external elements. On PicoBaristo […]

Author: Dmitriy


Brand: Saeco

Solis Barista Perfetta Plus Test and Review: a homebarista starter kit

Solis is a Swiss brand mostly notable for its entry-level Solis Scala conical burr grinder, which is one of the best choices for home in a low budget. However, they have never produced espresso machines. As far as I know, Solis just branded Sage/Breville for some European countries (mainly Switzerland and Netherland). And years ago they used to sell Solis Master 5000 – a bullet-proof […]

Author: Dmitriy


Brand: Solis


Gaggia Classic Pro Review (aka New Classic or Classic 2018/2019)

The most iconic semi-professional espresso machine for home – Gaggia Classic – was updated on the edge of 2018 and 2019. The new version is commonly called Gaggia Classic 2018 or Classic 2019. However, the more correct name is Gaggia New Classic in Europe and Gaggia Classic Pro in the States and Canada. The machine is the same, just voltage differs (220V/120V). I write this […]

Author: Dmitriy


Brand: Gaggia


Philips EP3200/EP2200/EP1200 Series Espresso Machines Review

In May 2019, Philips, not only introduced a new coffee machine onto the market, but along with it a whole new platform that included, at the time of writing this review, 11 modifications to the 1200, 2200 and 3200 series. There are no prizes for guessing, even from the numerical designations of the series, that all this is the entrance level class of automatic ground […]

Author: Dmitriy


Brand: Philips


Jura D6 Review: A Basic Automatic Machine by Expensive Brand

One year ago Swiss brand launched the D6 – new automatic espresso machine, which became the most affordable machine in Jura’s model range. It was available only in Europe until 2019, when Jura D6 appeared on the North American market – this March they start selling it in the US and Canada. Quick note #1. There are, indeed, cheaper machines by Jura: A1 and ENA […]

Author: Dmitriy


Brand: Jura


Delonghi EC702/EC710 Review. An Old Premium, Still Worth Buying.

The Delonghi EC702 espresso machine (EC710 in Europe) is one of the last models from ’00s, which is still available on the market. It was a ‘pre-flagship’ model in Delonghi’s range and it’s still worth buying it – it’s better built if compared to modern models, however, have more usablity issues. The construction and all the main parts – boiler, pump etc – didn’t change […]

Author: Dmitriy


Brand: Delonghi


Should you buy Delonghi’s outdated espresso machines in 2019? De’Longhi BAR32 Retro and EC190/201/220/221 Test & Review

BAR32/EC190 has an outdated design and one of the lowest price. However, 99% of espresso-related parts are the same as used in modern models by Delonghi. One model in Delonghi’s range of manual espresso machines has the record high number of ‘clones’ – different names, under which this machine is sold on different markets. It is known as Delonghi BAR32 Retro or EC220CD in the […]

Author: Dmitriy


Brand: Delonghi


Krups Calvi Review. The tiniest pump espresso maker with one “but”

It was supposed to be a Krups Calvi espresso machine review. However, it is so hard not to compare it with the Delonghi Dedica EC680/685 almost in every paragraph that it gonna be rather a comparative review 😉 It’s quite a long text (~6-7 minutes reading time) but you can skip directly to the conclusion, where I summarize key cons and pros. Indeed, the Krups […]

Author: Dmitriy


Brand: Krups


DeLonghi EC9335 La Specialista Review. Semi-professional? Nope.

De’Longhi La Specialista EC 9335 will be available on the global market since 2019. However, I had a chance to test this machine during the IFA 2018 Trade Show in Berlin this September. Thus my article is probably the first DeLonghi EC9335M review on the Web. I will add more information and thoughts later because DeLonghi is likely to make small modifications before launching serial […]

Author: Dmitriy


Brand: Delonghi