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Krups Calvi Review. The tiniest pump espresso maker with one “but”

It was supposed to be a Krups Calvi espresso machine review. However, it is so hard not to compare it with the Delonghi Dedica EC680/685 almost in every paragraph that it gonna be rather a comparative review 😉 It’s quite a long text (~6-7 minutes reading time) but you can skip directly to the conclusion, where I summarize key cons and pros. Indeed, the Krups […]

Author: Dmitriy


Brand: Krups


Krups Essenza Auto XN2140 (Nespresso C91) Review. The low price does not affect the quality + metal coating

I have Krups Nespresso Essenza Auto XN2140 (C91 in USA) review on YouTube. Here it is: Text version of the video review with photos: Today I will take about Krups Essenza XN2140 or XN214010, it is also known as Nespresso Essenza C91, C99 and C100 in North America. It is a Nespresso coffee machine, which means that you need to use Nespresso coffee capsules, not ground […]

Author: Dmitriy


Brand: Krups