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The Guide to Hand/Manual Grinders: 1Zpresso, Timemore, MYM/MYY

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This would be a very brief post now, since I’m in a hurry to share my discovers before the end of the 11.11 sale on Aliexpress. I will update it late with more details and full review of 1Zpresso and Timemore grinders.

Straight to the facts. Manual coffee grinders are one of the rare espresso devices – except tampers, pitchers, knock-boxex and other accessories – that are worth buying at AliExpress. That’s because Chinese coffee grinder factories not simply produce OEM-products, which will be labeled under Hamilton Beach/Oster/whatever. They do all the marketing by themselsves and…

The secret is that you can buy an original 1Zpresso or Timemore grinders on AliExpress for less. And that’s not the case like when someone shows you cheaper copies or analogues of Western brands. No. When ordering something named like MYM54 or MYY47 coffee grinder… you are getting the very same 1Zpresso Q series grinder or new Timemore Chestnut C1. Personally checked!

MYM54 coffee frinder is... a 1Zpresso Q series grinder!

1. Timemore Grinders are sold on AliExpress under following names:

MYY47 Aerolite MYY48 MYM51 MYM59
Price 09.11 $122 $117 $99 $71
Price 11.11 check check check check
+ don’t forget to collect special coupins here to save more – new codes every 2 h
Timemore model
Timemore Chestnut Chestnut Nano Chestnut Mini Chestnut C1 (2019)
Amazon link click out of sale out of sale out of sale
Handle Straight Straight folding Curved (easier to rotate) Curved (easier to rotate)
Burr set ⌀38mm conical burrs. See difference between G1, G1s and GS2 below




~ 30 g ~15 g ~20 g ~20 g


2. 1Zpresso are sold on AliExpress under following names:

MYM54 MYM55pro MYM60
Price 09.11 $99 or here $186 or here $133
Price 11.11 check check check
+ don’t forget to collect special coupins here to save more – new codes every 2 h
1zpresso model
Q Series E-PRO JX
Amazon link click out of sale click
Handle Straight Curved (easier to rotate) Curved (easier to rotate)
Burr set ⌀38mm, differences betweeb G1, G1s и GS2 see below ⌀48мм Italy or China


Stepless! Stepped


~ 20 g ~30 g ~30 g

3. G1, GS1 or Gs2 and the end designates burr type. And the difference are:

First Generation G1/GS1 Titanium G1S Titanium GS2
Type Conical ⌀38mm
Burrs made in China/Italy Italy China
Материал Stainless Steel Titanium Plated Carbon Steel
Hardness Vickers / Rockwell scale 620 HV / 55-58 HRC 2300 HV / 65 HRC

… to be continued…

MYY47, MYM60, MYM51, MYY48 coffee grinders and corresponding 1Zpresso and Timemore Chestnut models

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Author: Dmitriy Yurchenko


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  1. Have recently purchased the JX-Pro.
    Playing around with it in the Turkish range its very easy to turn. Could only get to 3. No 2 or 1. But that is a range I have no use for. At 3 is is talc powder.
    Started at 40 for my Aeropress and am down to 34. It supprised me how much difference single steps in the grind can change the taste.
    The unit is easy to clean and dis and reassemble.

    Curtis Stewart

    8 Dec 19 at 5:19 pm


    • Thanks for your feedback! Did you experience the problem with beans feeding on the turkish grind?

      On the 1Zpresso Q1 I can select the fine enough grind level for turkish coffee, however burrs can’t “take in” beans. Finally I had to crash the beans before grinding for turkish.


      12 Dec 19 at 4:50 pm


    • Hi, could you tell me where did you purchase the jx-pro? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Any help greatly appreciated.


      18 Feb 20 at 6:02 am


  2. Hello,

    Thanks for posting this tip! I was looking for the 1SPRESO JE-PLUS. Do you have the reference to find it cheaper?


    27 Jan 20 at 10:50 am


  3. Thanks for a post.
    Have a question about 1Zpresso Q2 (which seems to be a bit better than Q1). Does it grind well enough for espresso machines? Entry level ones like DeLonghi Delica / Eco 311 or Gaggia Viva? And what about grinding for Gaggia Classic Pro?

    I’m thinking about manual grinder mostly because I’m doing 3-4 cups top, some coffee with Hario dripper, rarely GAT moka pot, so I’m not afraid of manual work.
    And what about all the famous Comandante C40 grinder?


    24 Mar 20 at 10:39 am


  4. Hello,
    I’ve bought a Timemore Chesnut and it comes with G1 burrs.
    Do you know where is it possible to order G1S or GS2 burrs for espresso ?


    13 May 20 at 9:13 am


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