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Saeco HD8927/47 PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine2

Saeco PicoBaristo Review. HD8924 vs H8927 vs Incanto vs Minuto

It’s not a coincidence that Saeco PicoBaristo super-automatic espresso machine looks very similar to good old Saeco Minuto, which currently is not sold in America (only used models are available on Amazon), but which used to be one of the Saeco’s best sellers a few years ago. Both models share the same platform and compact dimensions. The difference lays in electronics and external elements. On PicoBaristo […]

Author: Dmitriy


Brand: Saeco


Saeco Poemia Espresso Makers: Full Review with Disassembly and Comparison with new Gaggia Viva RI8437, RI8435, RI8433

Brief overview An Ideal Design for Espresso Saeco’s crema filter How to make cappuccino Boiler changes & durability Cons UPD Poemia is now Gaggia Viva Conclusion and similar models US, UK and EU version The Saeco Poemia is a classic espresso and coffee maker for home use. By “classic”, I mean that it has been produced for years with great success and only minor changes. […]

Author: Dmitriy


Brand: Saeco


Saeco XSmall HD8645/8745/8651 independent review. A smart buy?

Saeco X-Small (sometimes called Philips Saeco X-Small since Philips and Saeco are the same company now) is the cheapest fully automatic beans-to-cup machine on the U. S. market. However, the low price did not affect the quality. I highly recommend it for home use when you are on a low budget. It is suitable for one or two persons. There are the two machines that […]

Author: Dmitriy


Brand: Saeco