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Original Bialetti vs. Cheap Chinese Stainless Steel Moka Pot. Tested

Bialetti is a company that invented moka pots. However, today many other brands offer Italian stove top coffee makers for 2 or even 3 times lower price. Is there any real difference between them except the famous ‘little man with the mustache’ logo, which Bialetti proudly put on its models? (Spoiler: yes) I decided to compare stainless steel versions, since my new kitchen is equipped […]

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Brand: moka

Bialetti Brikka Tested38

Bialetti Brikka vs. Moka Express Comparative Test & Review. Does Brikka make real espresso as pump espresso machines do?

Most of Bialetti’s stove-top coffee makers (aka moka pots) have similar construction and varies only by design and materials. There are classic aluminium models like Moka Express that Bialetti’s factory in Italy has been producing with no changes since 1933. There is also a Bialetti Junior – same design and construction, but made in China and, thus, cheaper. There are many stainless steel versions: cone-shaped […]

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How to make coffee with moka pot? The guide.

Moka pot could seem too complicated to you at first glance. But it’s not a rocket science at all. Just make several brews with following How-To-Use-Moka instructions and you will remember every step: As you can understand from guide, moka stovetop espresso maker is not to difficult to use. The only problem with moka – it commonly overheats the coffee. That’s why I reccommend to: […]

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