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Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 3000/3300: detailed review and comparison with the ESAM 2200/2800/3200

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Holy War

In the class of the most affordable bean-to-cup coffee machines, a fight to the death has been raging for quite some time. Everyone knows the key players: the Philips Saeco concern represented by the Saeco Xsmall, which I have already described, and the Delonghi ESAM range. Their price policies differ depending on the market: Delonghi offers a better price in some countries (for example, ESAM2800.SB in the UK), sometimes Saeco engages in price dumping (in case of Xsmall in US) and in other places they are neck and neck, for instance on the German market.

In fact, the ESAM 3000.B and ESAM4000.S/ESAM3300 Magnifica differ only in their design and arrangement of control elements. Just like the Delonghi ESAM 2800.SB Caffe Corso and the Delonghi ESAM 2900 Caffe Cortina, which are identical apart from the colour.

Therefore, everything covered by this review concerns any Delonghi ESAM machine with the model numbers 2600, 2800, 2900, 3000, 3300, 4000 or 4200 – they are all the same in terms of functionality. The letter at the end of the name, e.g. B or SB, can be easily ignored, as it only denotes the colour.

De'Longhi Esam 4000.b, De'Longhi ESAM2800.SB, DeLonghi ESAM 3000.B,

Strong Points

First of all, the DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3300 Magnifica coffee machine is built on a reliable and easy-to-maintain “chassis”. It has a classic pump with a maximum pressure of 15 bar and a 1350W thermoblock. The design is smart and easy to use. The containers for coffee beans (200 grams), water (1.8 litres) and tank for used coffee grounds (14 servings) are typical of this class and comfortably allow a family of 3-5 people to use the machine. It may be not enough for an office (unless there are only two people working there), but is just fine for home use.

Delonghi Magnifica Esam 2600

The compact removable CRF brewing group/unit with a pre-wetting function perfectly brings out all nuances in the taste. It is very easy to maintain – I recommend rinsing it under a strong stream of tap water every week. Once in six months, it is necessary to grease the moving parts with a food-grade lubricant. The Delonghi ESAM3000B EX coffee machine automatically rinses itself after turning on or standing idle for a long time. This prolongs the periods between descaling and guarantees the “purity” of the resulting taste. But it drains off a lot of water – the Saeco is more economical in this respect.

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However, what I like the most about the Delonghi ESAM 3000 B Execution coffee machine is its simple mechanical control system with “twisty knobs”. Two regulators for volume and coffee strength allow you to instantly tweak these basic parameters at any moment. Simple, handy and reliable:

This is also a sort of “memory”, meaning that the next serving will be prepared using the previous settings as long as the knobs are not moved.

Amount of water used for one cup can be adjusted from 30 to 200 ml (from Espresso to Americano) and there are 8 positions to set coffee strength (from 7 to 14 grams of grounds).

It is, without question, a pleasure to be able to adjust the coffee dispenser height (from 75 to 105 mm), as this allows the use of tall glasses. Though it would be better to lift it even higher for a latte.

Like any Delonghi coffee machine, the ESAM3000 or ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic will deliver slightly warmer and more bitter coffee than Saeco models. This is because the construction of the brew unit is different.

By the way, you should not be misled by words “Super-Automatic” in the title. All above mentioned models are able to make only black coffee in one touch. When it comes to cappuccino, you should switch to the steam mode, manually froth the milk and add it to the coffee.

Extra Bonuses

  • The Delonghi ESAM 3000B Execution coffee machine has an Eco button that allows you to save electricity. In return, you will have to wait about 10 seconds longer to prepare a drink and the cup heater on the top panel will be turned off, although it is not very useful anyway. The passive cup heater uses heat from the boiler and barely gets warm.
  • It is possible to work with ground coffee.

Weak Points

De'Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica has mechanical controlThere are very few drawbacks. The Delonghi ESAM 3000 B is an excellent example of a product made conscientiously that fully meets the requirements of the budget class. It has a metal grinder in the coffee mill, which some may say is a minus. It can burn or overheat the grains, which will cause bitterness in the taste. Personally, I experienced this effect only when I used an old dark-roast coffee or tried to brew dozens of cups back-to-back. But you should not use old coffee at all. It is impossible to burn or overheat normal, medium-roast coffee even with all the will in the world.

Yes, the Delonghi ESAM 3000 B coffee machine is not too compact, but also not too big – that is a fact. Yes, it is not the quietest, prettiest or fastest… I would say even it is quite slow.

But all these qualities should be sought at a different price point. Usability, reliability, ease of control, ease of maintenance and an excellent final product are the key characteristics appreciated in this class.

The Delonghi ESAM 3000 and her sister models, without doubt, deserve praise in all these respects. The machine’s “workhorse” design offers a full range of possibilities for making delicious coffee without unnecessary functions.

Nevertheless, think of Saeco Xsmall HD8645 if in you country it costs less and you don’t need coffee strength and temperature adjustments.

P. S. Above mentioned models should not be confused with Delonghi ESAM 3500 and ESAM 4500 models, which are equipped with an automated milk tank (jar) and therefore can make cappuccino automtically.

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Delonghi ESAM 2600/2800/2900/3000/3300/4000 Coffee Machine Specifications:

Download manual: Download pdf manual
Machine type: Bean-to-cup super-automatic machine
Width х Deep х Height: 28 х 40 х 36 cm
Coffee used: Beans or ground coffee
Grinder: Steel burr set, 13 steps adjustable
Brewing group: One, removable, with a pre-brewing functions
Heater: Thermoblock 1350 W
Max pressure: 15 bar
Water container: 1.8l, accessible from the front section
Bean container: 200 g
Waste container: 14 servings
Cappuccinatore: Manual 'panerello'
Max cup height: 105 mm
Controlling: Adjustable coffee strength (6-14 grams per serving), adjustable serving volume (30-200 ml), adjustable tempertaure (4 grades)
Peculiar properties: Passive Cup Warmer
Colors: ESAM 3000.B - Black,
ESAM4000.S - Black with Silver front side,
ESAM3300 - Black with Silver/Gray front side,
ESAM 2800.SB - Black with silver front side,
ESAM 2900 - Black

Author: Dmitriy Yurchenko


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  1. Hello
    I’m looking for Turkey.
    I want to buy a coffee machine for espresso and Cappuccino. It doesn’t have to be a lot of expensive machine. a maximum of Two or three people. Which of the following model would be more appropriate.? As durable and which model do you recommend? or what other model.

    – DELONGHI EC685.

    Please, give me a detailed emergency information.?
    Yours sincerely,

    Engin EMRE

    18 Dec 17 at 1:23 pm


    • Very roughly speaking, they are similar in terms of coffee taste and technologies used. The main difference is that ESAM 2600 is automatic espresso machine with built-in grinder (you press one button and your espresso is ready automatically, however the cappuccino should be made manually), while Delonghi EC685 is manual machine (you should grind beans using a standalone grinder, manually put the coffee into the filter, install the filter, manually switch ine the water supply and clean it after all).

      Since EC695 is less automated I would say it’s a bit more durable (less electronics). However in most of the countries (I’m not sure about Turkey) Delonghi gives longer warranty for automatic machines (such as ESAM2600) than for manual espresso makers (such as 685).


      22 Dec 17 at 4:28 pm




    6 Jan 18 at 7:33 am


    • The ESAM 2600 (as well as other machine described in this review: 3000, 3200, 3000, 4000) has a passive cup heater. This means that there is no separate electric heating element for the cup stand on top. It becomes hot just because the thermoblock for water (which is located underneath it) heats it. Thus it’s a normal situation when it warm cups good only after 5-10 minutes after machine turned on. Or after 1-2 cups of coffee made.


      6 Jan 18 at 12:22 pm


  3. Hey, appreciate the review. Very straightforward and informational. The slight issues with dark roasts seems to line up with what other people have to say about the ESAM. Thanks for reviewing.


    21 Feb 18 at 3:40 pm


  4. Hello,

    Recently purchased the ESAM 3000.B, and when it comes to descaling it is not a straight forward process at all, please could you give me the correct steps for this procedure as I am pretty sure I am doing it wrong.

    Many thanks


    24 Apr 18 at 11:08 am


    • Descaling indeed is performed in multiple steps, however they are described in the manual quite clearly. On which step something goes wrong in your case?


      24 Apr 18 at 11:54 am


  5. Do you think the 3000.B worth 200$ if I have an option to buy it at this price?
    For 2 cups of coffee a day.


    19 Aug 18 at 7:05 pm


    • Yep, sounds like a good deal. I don’t think you can buy something better for this budget, in most of the countries $200 will be enough only for manual espresso maker w/o grinder. So the automated machine (which, as I menioned, has the same “base” as any more expansive Delonghi of ESAM series) with a decent grinder for the same money… Why not 🙂


      19 Aug 18 at 8:26 pm


  6. Hi, really enjoy your reviews! Any advice as to choosing the DeLonghi ESAM2800 vs ESAM4200? How are these 2 models different? Thanks.


    9 Sep 18 at 11:14 pm


    • It’s the machine machine, just the design is a bit different, even the controls are on the same place. I would choosy simply by price


      10 Sep 18 at 1:20 pm


  7. Hi you are providing excellent information here!
    On the ESAM 3000B model that I have, the Eco button it the ground coffee selector button.
    But my question is what was the factory default setting for the grinder, as someone has fiddled with it and need to start again.


    15 Oct 18 at 9:49 am


    • Hi, Stephan.

      Factory grind settings on Delonghi’s ESAM machines usually are set to 3.5 – exactly in the middle. However, it doesn’t mean anything – you shoud better try to adjust it for your taste and the drink. E.g. for small espresso shot – finer grind (1,2), for larger portions (call it caffe crema, lungo or whatever) – coarser (3.5 is perfect for this by the way). And rememebr, that it’s highly recommended to adjust grind setting in lower direction (e.g. 4->3) only when the grinder is working. This is because you can brake the plastic parts of adjustment mechanism, if there would be a soild coffee particle between burrs and you will be trying to tighten them (burrs).


      16 Oct 18 at 11:10 am


  8. Which model is the better, the essam 4200 or the essam genesis 2200.

    Alun jones

    20 Nov 18 at 4:35 pm


    • That’s the same machine in different designs (color and control panel). The functionality is identical.


      20 Nov 18 at 6:20 pm


  9. HI Dmitriy!
    Thank you the reviews, they are very helpful for us.
    I would like to buy an automatic coffe machine for our family (2-3 persons). I just now realized what a big problem it is, because the big numbers of this kind of machines.
    My budget is about 300-400 Eu. Would yo be so kind as to offer me 2-3 machines which are the best choises for us?
    One other question, whether we should increase the budget up to 500 Eu to buy a more automatic (e.g. auto cappuccino)model? Can such super automatic machines clean perfectly the system from the milk?
    Thank you very much,
    sincerely, Imre from Budapest


    9 Dec 18 at 12:27 am


    • Hi, Imre. I don’t know what is the price level in Hungary, so I will give you examples based on EUR prices on German Amazon.

      In your budget (300-400 EUR) you can even afford both automatic with panarello and automatic with autocappuccino. The difference will be in extra functions:

      1) Automatic with panarello (manual cappuccino) which will have more adjustments (coffee intensity, temp etc) and more special function (like special program for americano/long coffee), more “memory” for different recipes for different family memebers. Usually it’s Delonghi. It could be something like:

      2) Automatic with autocappuccino in one touch, but with limited adjustements:

      3) Automatic with autocappuccino with no limited adjustments, but in two touches (first make espresso, then move the cup and run the milk foam program):
      Melitta Solo & Perfect Milk

      4) Sometimes there are good deals when you can afford in the 400EUR budget a fully automated machine with onetouch cappuccino and with NO limited adjustments. For example now it is Philips 5000 however I don’t know if it is not a temporary deal.

      And about milk cleaning: yes, super automatic machines can perfetcly clean the milk system. However, you should help them – run quick tinse cycles (this usually leads to high water consumption) after every cppuccino and wash manually all the milk parts every week in average. Machines with external tubes are usually simplier in maintaince than milk carafes. I wrote abot here: There is also a new type of milk frother by Philips which is even easier to clean, however for 2-3 people (if every one is drinking cappuccino) it may be too small:

      P. S. I rather don’t recommend Krups and Bosch/Siemens in this budget.


      9 Dec 18 at 12:19 pm


  10. Hello,
    Can you tell me something about ESAM 3100 sb?
    Is that same model like 3100 or 3300?
    Thanks in advance.

    Vladimir Cvijic

    17 Mar 19 at 10:08 pm


  11. Hello,
    i have enjoyed reading your review. Well explained, thanks. I am trying to decide which machine to buy. Which one would you recommend? The esam4000 or the ecam22.110?



    20 May 19 at 4:05 pm


    • Hi, Chris. If the prices are similar, I would choose ECAM22.110 as more modern model, it will be easier to use (bigger tanks, higher glasses, more space around panarello makes it easier to froth the milk) and it can make hotter coffee if it’s importnat for you.


      21 May 19 at 12:22 pm


  12. Hi,

    I’ve read your reviews on the Magnifica, Magnifica S and Jura D6.

    The ECAM 22110SB is $100 more than the ESAM04110B. Is it worth the extra buck? Or between these two machines there’s not much difference . Side note: I would go for the ECAM but the black ECAM fit the kitchen colour scheme.

    The Jura D6 is $250 more than the ECAM. Is it worth the extra money or would the DeLonghi be comparable at this entry level?
    Does the D6 have substantially less maintenance?

    Hishaam Tayob

    12 Sep 19 at 10:08 pm


    • I would go with ECAM 22110SB since the ECAM platform is generally more modern – less usability issues.

      The D6 is more basic in terms of varous adjustmets, but the taste of espresso is better in my taste – more full bodied.

      Jura requires less maintaince, but the flip side is that you need to regularly buy special cleaning tablets to perform clening and шn 2-3 years bring it to servшce for full clean up. Delonghi, on the other hand, reguires regular manual cleanings, which you can do on your own: extract brewing unit and wash it, optionally – lubricating.


      13 Sep 19 at 12:50 pm


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